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The Tackle Box

The Tackle Box


The Tackle Box vividly highlights how men are wired to make life altering mistakes, but more importantly it presents practical ways to overcome them. Why does temptation seem to follow me wherever I go? Why do anger, pride, sex, riches, and more continue to captivate, mesmerize, and lead me down a destructive path? Why do I keep chasing the same lures over and over again? How do I switch streams and become all that God wants me to be?


The Tackle Box deftly uncovers your weaknesses and helps you develop a strategy to recognize, avoid, and defeat those lures. Vince's fish personality profile is a humorous and eye opening way to help men understand their weaknesses. And if you are already hooked, it will assist you in finding a way of escape. Vince will inspire you with his clear, step-by-step strategy outlining how to avoid your lures and become the best husband, father, friend, and brother that God intends us all to be.

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