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Books for Children

May I See the King?

We all know that Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall and took an ever misfortunate fall. We know that the King’s horses and the King’s men came to the scene but were unable to put Humpty back together again. But the story doesn’t end here. Despite his broken state, Humpty asked a great thing: he humbly asked to see the King. 

For the first time, take a deeper look at how this broken treasure was taken to the King and watch Humpty’s incredible journey of healing. We all face our own walls, we crack and we fall, but there is hope for our own journey of healing, for a renewed life of wholeness. Let this Humpty Dumpty tale inspire you. 
To see who else Humpty Dumpty has inspired, check out his Wall of Fame!

The Road to the Wall

We have all heard the timeless tale of Humpty Dumpty sitting on the wall and about his great fall, but have you ever wondered who Humpty Dumpty was and how he got to the wall in the first place? Where did he come from and why would he expose himself to such a dangerous predicament?

Much like our own lives that are filled with twists and turns that lead us to situations we never expected, now is your chance to dive in and find out who Humpty Dumpty was and what life turns brought him to his wall. As Humpty Dumpty reveals his life and as you discover what paths have led you to your own walls, check out Humpty Dumpty’s Wall of Fame to see all the paths Humpty has visited.

The Marvelous Journey

After Humpty Dumpty’s healing adventure with the King, he wanted to share the love of the King with everyone! He embarked upon the marvelous journey around the world and traveled to strange places, helping many broken treasures along the way, sharing his new outlook on life. 

Throughout the story though, Humpty learns valuable life lessons that allow him to realize that he doesn’t have to travel across the world to share the love of the King. Follow Humpty on his adventure as he realizes that there are lots of hurting and broken treasures that need the love of the King right here in our own neighborhoods. Just as Humpty traveled the world and learned to travel his own neighborhood, our readers are doing the same thing. Check out Humpty Dumpty’s Wall of Fame and see where Humpty has been!

Kohola, King of the Whales

(Winner of the Hawaii Award for Excellence in Children's Literature)

You will be as thrilled as Kekela when you turn the pages of this beautiful Hawaiian legend. Swim along with young Kohola as he explores the sunny waters of the Pacific Ocean and north to the dangerous seas of Canada and Alaska. See how he overcomes the rejection and loneliness of being a little “different”, and how he learns to use his special skills to help those around him. The story of Kohola offers a timeless lesson for young and old alike.


This great children's book by Vince Daubenspeck is receiving accolades for its excellent life lessons and breathtaking illustrations! 

Have You Seen Claudia?

Trevor the Trigger Fish, Penelope the Puffer, and Gregory the Grouper wait in line every morning, along with many of their friends, to see Claudia the Cleaner Fish. But one morning, Maury the Moray Eel gets a serious problem and Claudia is nowhere to be found. Where could she possibly be? How is their friend going to get the help he needs?


Follow along as the entire reef family bands together to find out what has happened to Claudia. Does Leo the Lion Fish know where she has gone? Does Blair the Blenny? Does Flo the Flounder? Where, oh where, could she be? Why has she left? Can she return in time to help their friend? We can all learn many lessons from our fishy companions. We can also see that everyone has something to give back to their community.


Where Did My Brain Go?

Jude has a hard time concentrating in class. His brain likes to travel to exotic locations and do wildly adventurous things. It can wander to Mars, fly jet airplanes, or even swim with whales. Unfortunately, Jude often gets in trouble when his brain takes these marvelous excursions. Fortunately for Jude, he finally discovers a tactic to keep his brain engaged during class. With his newfound strategy, he is able to train his brain to stay focused and be successful.


Where Did My Brain Go? uses a Narrative Family Therapy approach to externalize the problem of inattention and provides a fun way to talk about this dilemma with kids. Working together, parents, teachers, counselors, and children can come up with creative strategies to address the problem without anyone feeling beaten down or shamed for their adventurous, wandering minds.


Hermie Picks A Home

Hermie the Hermit Crab lives in a beautiful, colorful reef in the big blue sea. One day, he decides he's tired of his old, drab shell and sets off in search of one that's better than any other. On his quest, he encounters surprises, challenges and new friends.


Join Hermie on his search as he discovers that bigger is not always better and we can live happily in the shell that fits us best. Hermie the Hermit Crab holds a valuable lesson for children - the understanding of accepting themselves as they are. They'll come to understand that it's not always about impressing others, but rather finding what makes them most happy and comfortable. With colorful illustration by Kristi Petosa-Sigel, Hermie Picks a Home is sure to capture the attention of any child. 

Books for Adults

The Tackle Box

The Tackle Box vividly highlights how men are wired to make life altering mistakes, but more importantly it presents practical ways to overcome them. Why does temptation seem to follow me wherever I go? Why do anger, pride, sex, riches, and more continue to captivate, mesmerize, and lead me down a destructive path? Why do I keep chasing the same lures over and over again? How do I switch streams and become all that God wants me to be?


The Tackle Box deftly uncovers your weaknesses and helps you develop a strategy to recognize, avoid, and defeat those lures. Vince's fish personality profile is a humorous and eye opening way to help men understand their weaknesses. And if you are already hooked, it will assist you in finding a way of escape. Vince will inspire you with his clear, step-by-step strategy outlining how to avoid your lures and become the best husband, father, friend, and brother that God intends us all to be.

Crown of Thorns

This suspense-filled odyssey follows Christ’s crown of thorns from Golgatha, through the miraculous healings attributed to one of the church’s most prized relics. Crown of Thorns will provoke your imagination with creative storylines added to the documented facts meticulously preserved throughout modern church history. 


The old man shuffled into the dusty church with a leather satchel slung over his shoulder. Why had he waited so long to surrender this heavy burden to its rightful owner? Of course, the hidden power was enticing at first, just at it would be for any man. But the burden grew and past miracles were now eclipsed by the weight of his guilt. This was the end of the line, at least for his part of the journey. In reality, it was just the beginning of a long line of intrigue and mystery…

Jerusalem, 105AD

Broken Treasures


She was a happy girl and she lived in a happy little home with her happy family. Each Sunday, they went to church to worship and learn about God. Much to the little girl’s pride and delight, her father was the pastor of their happy little church. Yes, all was well in this little girl’s world. 

Unfortunately, much to her dismay, the little girl’s father began to do things to her that she neither liked nor understood. Her happy world changed drastically. No longer did she feel safe, loved, or joyful. Church became a drain because the words her father preached were not the words her father lived.

As you might imagine, this is the regrettable, but all-too common story of how a little girl named Julie made it through this tragic part of her growing up. But, thank God, the story did not end there and Julie is now living the victorious life and turning lemons into lemonade.

Blood Soul

Simon is going to change the world. Pharmacist Simon Bradley inadvertently finds a recipe for a medicine-cocktail in some personal journals left behind by his grandfather, Dr. Frank Bradley. Simon finds the recipe, along with other research data, containing notes about his grandfather’s cure from Leukemia and the research he was doing at the time.


His grandfather lived to 106 years old after taking his medical formula, while living in both Sardinia and Okinawa, current locations with populations of people that have an unusual proclivity for longer life. In those journals, Simon makes the mind-boggling discovery of a missing connection regarding the extended longevity in those areas.


Consequently, Simon starts to take his own updated cocktail of medicines and begins creating the perfect conditions for the missing link to longevity…

I Want to Touch

Do you find the delicate beauty in the wings of an insect?

Do you marvel at the echoing songs of your local birds?

Or does the smell of a particular flower take you to a deeply stored memory?


I Want To Touch takes you on a journey of the senses through different facets of nature’s creatures and the worlds they live in. With a unique perspective, using international forms of poetry, Vince appreciates the intricate details in his surroundings and plumbs the depths of the creation surrounding him.

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