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Have You Seen Claudia?

Have You Seen Claudia?


Trevor the Trigger Fish, Penelope the Puffer, and Gregory the Grouper wait in line every morning, along with many of their friends, to see Claudia the Cleaner Fish. But one morning, Maury the Moray Eel gets a serious problem and Claudia is nowhere to be found. Where could she possibly be? How is their friend going to get the help he needs?


Follow along as the entire reef family bands together to find out what has happened to Claudia. Does Leo the Lion Fish know where she has gone? Does Blair the Blenny? Does Flo the Flounder? Where, oh where, could she be? Why has she left? Can she return in time to help their friend? We can all learn many lessons from our fishy companions. We can also see that everyone has something to give back to their community.

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