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Broken Treasures

Broken Treasures



She was a happy girl and she lived in a happy little home with her happy family. Each Sunday, they went to church to worship and learn about God. Much to the little girl’s pride and delight, her father was the pastor of their happy little church. Yes, all was well in this little girl’s world. 

Unfortunately, much to her dismay, the little girl’s father began to do things to her that she neither liked nor understood. Her happy world changed drastically. No longer did she feel safe, loved, or joyful. Church became a drain because the words her father preached were not the words her father lived.

As you might imagine, this is the regrettable, but all-too common story of how a little girl named Julie made it through this tragic part of her growing up. But, thank God, the story did not end there and Julie is now living the victorious life and turning lemons into lemonade.

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