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Humpty Dumpty Books

Wholesome Books For Children Ages 2 to 102!


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Kristi Petosa-Sigel Artist.jpg

Kristi Petosa-Sigel

Illustrator of Hermie Picks A Home

As an artist it is Kristi's passion that has made her a successful commercial artist and illustrator for over 20 years. Her curiosity of different styles and techniques has created diversity within her work enabling her to work with a variety of mediums using traditional and digital techniques. She has produced an artistic range from cute and whimsical to detailed and realistic. In addition to Kristi's fine art, she is a published children's book illustrator and freelance artist. She is also the art teacher at a Ka'oaho Elementary School in Kailua where she has shared her passion of art with her students. 

Don Robinson

Illustrator of Kohola King of the Whales and Have You Seen Claudia?

A mostly self-taught artist/illustrator, Robinson credits Pablo Picasso and Norman Rockwell as early influences. "I remember borrowing books of theirs from the library when I was younger," he said. "What I liked about Picasso was the energy in his art, and with Rockwell, his storytelling ability, the composition and body language of his people."

Mark D. Pendergrass

Illustrator of the Humpty Dumpty Book Series.

Mark D. Pendergrass has been in the art profession for over thirty years. As illustrator, painter, and sculptor, his artwork has been featured on record album covers, in books, and on a variety of popular products. For many years Mark served as visual creator for a successful series of Children's musical productions, including "The Music Machine," and "Bullfrogs and Butterflies."

Vince & Julie Daubenspeck

Vince is an adventure junkie, a passioned writer, a husband, father and grandfather, a spear fisherman, an accomplished realtor, and served as an Air Force Aviator to name a few. Vince has a degree in Marketing and Master's Degrees in Finance and in Humanities, Creative Writing.

Julie was broken at an early age and learned to trust in God. Her Heavenly Father carried her through her darkest days and through a deep healing and restoration period. Julie is a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a teacher, a counselor, and a woman who has experienced the immense grace of God. She is a Humpty Dumpty, like so many others, who has miraculously been put back together by the King. Julie has recently obtained her counseling license in Marriage and Family Therapy, and daily works with the people of Hawaii to fight against abuse and help others on their journey to wholeness. 

In 2004, Julie and Vince were called into ministry where they authored a 3-part Humpty Dumpty book series. In 2010, they formed their own non-profit called Cracked Egg Ministries to help other wounded souls on their journey to wholeness and find healing through the King.

Kohola's Adventures
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